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Float Plan EZ!

• File a float plan with the click of a button, it could save your life!

Float Plan now allows you to enter multiple trip destinations, multiple crew and even multiple vessels. You can also add a photo of the vessel that will be attached to the emailed float plan.

Check off the combination of vessel, crew and destinations you want included in your float plan . Add dates and times to the destinations and click a button to email that information from your iPhone to a person of trust.

Before you begin please set the date format for your destinations. Launch the Application Settings program and scroll to the bottom to find the Float Plan icon and choose a date format.

Destinations are sorted by name and date.
A suggested practice when entering destinations is to group them by name as follows to keep them sorted together:

- Bay Harbor: Boat Ramp
- Bay Harbor: Reef

Your primary recipient should be someone you trust because they will be responsible for calling the Coast Guard or other rescue agency if you should not return on time.

You should always confirm that the emailed plan actually got to your recipient.

It is suggested that you also email a copy of the plan to yourself.

Please do not send float plans to the Coast Guard. They do not accept them.

Home Screen
Displays current route, crew, recipients, vessel and time the float plan was sent.

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Vessel List and Vessel Detail with current vessel selected

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Waypoint List and Detail

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Crew List and Detail

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Return and Depart Email Previews
Email or Text the float plan after reviewing the preview.

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Default settings for the captain, waypoints, main recipient, units of measure and emergency information.
Waypoints stored here populate the waypoint field when choosing route destinations.

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