Crab Beach v1.0

This is simple diversion that will keep you occupied for a few minutes while you are waiting. . .

Here is the idea;

Crabs are trying to come ashore on your beach.
You must stop them.

Turtles are swimming down the shoreline.
You must let them pass without harm.

Parrots flying by must also be stopped before they are out of sight.

Game play continues until you allow 6 crabs to make it to the beach.

Oh yeah, watch out for low tide!

Thanks are due!
I would like to thank the Sparrow developers for the great game framework which can be found at
"" .
I would also like to thank Johann Dowa of for his excellent game tutorial.
Much of my game code was adapted from this tutorial.

Main screen and Instructions screen

Crabs are coming, save the turtles. Tap the parrot for extra points