Float Plan EZ!

• Float Plan EZ! 3.0.

The previous version of Float Plan EZ! did not play well with iOS 8.x.

The good news is that those issues are resolved and Float Plan is in the store now.

The interface has been updated and the route logic has been changed to make selecting and sending a float plan easier.

Previous users will be able to update for free.

• File a float plan with the click of a button, it could save your life!

Float Plan allows you to enter multiple trip destinations, multiple crew and even multiple vessels. You can also add a photo of the vessel that will be attached to the emailed float plan.

Check off the combination of vessel, crew and route you want included in your float plan.
Add a depart and return date to the route and click a button to email that information from your iPhone to a person of trust.

Destinations are sorted by name.
If you enter latitude and longitude float plan will calculate time, distance and bearing to the next waypoint.

Your primary recipient should be someone you trust because they will be responsible for calling the Coast Guard or other rescue agency if you should not return on time.

You should always confirm that the emailed plan actually got to your recipient.

It is suggested that you also email a copy of the plan to yourself.

Please do not send float plans to the Coast Guard. They do not accept them.

Home Screen
With buttons to access Routes, Crew, Vessel and Prefs.


Destinations List and Detail
Destinations you have created are stored here and populate the waypoint detail when creating a route.

destinationsdestination detail

Routes List and Detail
Routes that you have created are selectable here and can be used over and over again.

routesroute detail

Vessel List and Vessel Detail with current vessel selected

vesselsvessel detail

Crew List and Detail

contactscrew detail

Return and Depart Email Previews
Email or Text the float plan after reviewing the preview.

messagedepart preview

Default settings for the captain, main recipient, units of measure and emergency information.

prefscaptain detailunits of measure