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Fish the Gulf 3.0
Gulf Coast Saltwater Edition

Fish the Gulf is a recreational fish identification guide for the state waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

It includes the state fishing regulations and records for the gulf waters of Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas including Federal waters.

Use it as a pocket reference to answer questions like the following;
• What kind of fish is this?
• How big do these fish get?
• How much does this fish weight?
• What regulations govern this fish?
• How do I measure this fish?
• Is this fish a protected species?
• What is the current Florida record for that fish?

The application includes the following sections;

Home Screen

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Fish identification
Over 100 fish common to Florida waters are pictured with full color
illustrations by Artist and Scientific Illustrator Diane Rome Peebles
and Artist and Illustrator Linda Rubietta.

Navigate from the “All Species” screen to the species “Detail” screen easily with out needing to search.
The "Family" screen displays the members in that species.
The “Detail” screen displays an illustrated image of the species and a description including habitat and food value.

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Fish Family and Detail

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Crabs Family and Detail

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Ray & Skates Family and Detail

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Sharks Family and Detail

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State Regulations and Saltwater Fishing Records
• Includes regulations and bag limits for;
• Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Federal Waters
• Regulations and Records pdfs are updated over the internet and stored locally on your device.
• Once updated you will not need an internet connection to view the pdfs.
• Easily switch between regulations from the Home screen.
• The PDFs can be zoomed in on so you don't need your glasses.

State Fishing Regulations and Saltwater Fishing Records

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A popup fish weight calculator.
Select the fish species or body type from the “Fish Body Type” slider.
Use the Girth and Length sliders to dial in the length and girth measurements.
The scale will display the approximate weight of your fish.
Set the unit of measurement in US or Metric.

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Measurement Instructions
A popup guide to fish, stone crab and lobster measurements.

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A popup page with common land based fishing trip destinations predefined.
Enter your default location, city, state and zip.
Click a sign on the signpost and you will be taken to the maps application
Pins will be dropped relative to your default location.

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A small but useful selection of illustrated fishing knots.

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